As If Everything

This is a sci-fi story that is meant to image a wonder of our future intelligence/consciousness and bring us closer to the world of total self-realisation. There is an emphasis on the super positive stream of psychological/spiritual experiences that could be a subject of awareness of everybody. Although the experiences are imagined, they are possible because based on natural patterns ;)

I added here a song I found on NCS called Mutiny by Egzod & Wasiu (that is also a soundtruck in the video) -- & also a couple of cyberpunk tacks I experimentally generated with

Cuberpunk Track 1

Cuberpunk Track 2


"I'm going to do that" -- said Meselv convincing himself in his joyful experience -- "I am going to be like Prometheus" -- he added proudly. "Except that, I am going to keep my liver!". "Don't be so outstanding and keep your emotional balance" Dr. Kite replied. They stepped into a white room with amazingly clear and charged air. The whole interior of the Newreel Link building was super but this room was especially good. "Here we are -- Our big-decisions-making-room" She smiled and handled Meselv a piece of a document. "This is the agreement -- Read it carefully and sign -- I will be back in 20 minutes". Meselv knew very well what was inside. He read that seven times already and made his decision a long time ago. All that he was doing for the last few years was a part of the plan to get to this point. He wanted to be the one who will show people the way to real knowledge. He looked at the reimbursement again. Seven million dollars was a good sum of money. There was a chance he will die, lose consciousness, or God knows what but the decisions have been made. He signed.

Final preparations for the operation took a couple of weeks. Meselv had a great time resting and getting ready for the most important procedure in his life. The process was going to be undertaken with full consciousness -- Meselv was laying on a bed. The most sophisticated surgery robot in the world started implanting the EM-Bite chip (sometimes called the peace of wafer) into his brain -- It was the first of its kind, an absolutely wonderful super piece of consumable electronics -- An absorbable chip made of molecularly 3D printed superconducting metallic material -- The material was designed with the help of GPT-7Q and was the crowning example of human engineering.

He felt light but intense pulses and frequencies of signals rooting, looping, and connecting within his mind. The robot was hooking him up directly into the internet. He started sensing how the energy was turning to biological information. He could see his neurons getting very vivacious -- almost as if every single one was getting a small copy of his happy character. The dynamism of zooming his attention in and letting it go for another impression was full of supernaturally self-ordered details.

He experienced a marvelous coherence of ideas and wondered for a few seconds about different possibilities for local focal adjustments. The bandwidth of information paralysed him with a feeling of electric emotional precognition. His consciousness shifted around fourth for four seconds into the future from where he instinctively reminded himself about his healthy attitude towards the mind evolution and got back to the present moment. He remembered his calm comprehensiveness and centered awareness on the wholeness of existence. The robot was ending the operation while he was counting hairs in his beard in full relaxation. The operation was a success and all the scientists were super satisfied.

The experiences he had afterward were extraordinary. He began to realize a lack of ignorance. A spontaneous perfection was emerging from his thoughts and also from the reality itself as if the universe geared up for a new modality of existence. All the uncomfortable dimensionalities of dualism were disappearing. Wherever he looked his awareness was in harmony with everything. It was like an ever-changing blissful stream of experience -- There was no need to retain anything.

He was becoming the first superhuman by slowly consuming his EM-Bite Chip with his brain. That was the feast he was always waiting for. Meselv was defining the next stage of human conscious evolution. The old model of spiritual development over complementary lifetimes was fading away in his extended understanding of harmony. The ultimate goal of life was no longer to find a way to get spiritually or even physically immortal -- it was about keeping it all together.

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