Here you can see my cultural and educational endeavor of reading or listening to books and short stories. I'm going to be dropping thoughts about the books in a spontaneous way. Sometimes, I will do a review, other times I will add to the story.

I'm adding books as I listen/read with no strict accuracy. I started in July 2020 & I am adding books I have finished since then (with one exeprion). The idea is to one day get to a level of reading one book every day -- This kind of intensity regarding personal development is a very big idea that touches upon the evolutionary needs of many (if not all) of us and must be well communicated. Constructive communication of greatness allows for grand self-development.

#1 Magicians Of The Gods


(From a tweet)The book reminds us of the great genius that was circulating in the veins of our ancestors and uncovers our 'collective amnesia'. Our predecessors left us a very comprehensive space-time awareness reflected in the stones of ancient temples and monuments. The temples of the past give us a timeless message about great alignment and point out actions we should take in order to create the future we want. We are being informed about the catastrophe that happened around 12k years ago and about a possibility for it to happen again! The most powerful piece of info regards the watchers. The super ancient people who were inspiring the ordinary ancient guys from around the place. The watchers were here way before our know history and probably are still here continuing helping us realize the grand plan for humanity. The clock of big and small cycles says 'Now is The Time to Grab the Light of Knowledge and do The Big Things! So let's do it!

#2 The Magicic Of Thinking Big


(From a tweet)I have sympathy for good Magic and for thinking Big Things ;) So I feel a unique coincidence and coherent vibes - I wish I had this book 20 years ago :D The book was first published in 1959 and it still is #SuperCool. Some of the terms used in the book - like "This is how the ball is bouncing" or "This guy could not sell a 1 dollar bill for 90 cents" - are golden but there is not enough of physics of thinking big. I was expecting more of some sort of futuristic psychology of big thinking like for example "Tell your self 'there is a way!' - thoughts are magnetic". Nevertheless, this is a super good motivational book.

#3 My Trip Abroad


(From a tweet)We all agree that this great man contributed a lot to the art of doing comedy. That is why I decided to see how Charlie described his trip to Europe in 1921 - He did it in a wonderful manner. I'm glad I discovered this little book.

#4 America Before: The Key to Earth's Lost Civilization


Another Graham Hancock's book which I had a pleasure to listen to. I enjoy investigating and exploring our epic cultural heritage very much. Here again, we can get joyful about the abundance of evidence of the magical ancient human civilizations. It is extremely important to take into account thousands of years of human experience in order to make our current human development last - active - and present - forever. We all want to remember and we all want to see the world like form sci-fi movies. The way to level up life on the sacred stone of Earth is to manifest our good dreams and great visions. Let's voice our comprehensions in the spirit of the fact that we all are similar -- We all want the wonders to be happening in our lives.

#5 Astrophysics for People in a Hurry


This small volume is the best if you want to gain a truly cosmic perspective. Personally, I felt the amazing power of great computation when I was in communion with the ideas presented in the book. Listening to it shortly after checking Graham Hancock's books, extended my liking for the sacredness of alignments to the cosmic space and inspired to clarify and intensify thinking about human creativity.

#6 The Virgin Way: Everything I Know About Leadership


I'm super interested in the way great entrepreneurs think. Richard Branson definitely is one of the top 7 entrepreneurs. That is why I grabbed this book -- The Virgin Way contributes a lot to the character of humanity. The vastness of the company Richard started solo is totally moving. I wish I could grasp the ease with which he undertakes all the ventures.

#7 Fractal Conjugate Space & Time: Cause of Negentropy, Gravity and Perception


This is one of the most important books I have read - and often get back to - in my life. This work explains the fractal nature of reality in an absolutely cool way. It combines spirituality and science in a manner that provides an understanding of the way everything is correlated and connected. Dan Winter - the author - significantly levels up the experience of our everyday life by providing an elegant explanation of very big ideas. Do you want to get started with the development of real human genius? This book is exactly what would make you do that. Do you want to complete your advanced scientific knowledge regarding gravity? This volume is exactly what you need. The grandeur of info that is in this book makes it a timeless work from which everyone can learn a lot!

#8 Trump: Think Like a Billionaire


This is my first Donald Trump's book. I finished it today and I'm sure I will get back to his writings. He exemplifies and describes a very successful way of thinking and acting in a simple but yet totally perspicuous manner. The scale of his activity is super big and doing things bigly is also my thing. 'Think BIG' is an expression I started using some time ago quite intuitively - without any references. Now, I'm finding it here & there. Seeing it also in Mr. Donald's book was a nice surprise. I did not know anything about this great man before he was running for the president. So the fact that he also is a tv star was astonishing. Yeah - I did not know anything about the Apprentice.

#9 The Call of Cthulhu


This is the first piece of horror literature I ever checked and I'm absolutely amazed. I'm not a fan of horrors in general but this work speaks well to my imagination with its mysterious, original, and timeless artistry. This short story is super hypnotic with its cryptic style. Emancipation of the powerful and ancient ideas locked in the unknown of our collective unconscious is likely to happen when one associates with this writing.

#10 The Theory of Everything


Ended this good book yesterday. My first impression -- which I have quite often -- is that I need to blow my mind with the ideas about the origins of the universe much more. I have a problem with the Big Bang -- I can't really imagine it. Perhaps it is caused by the fact that the total unification of physics is actually yet to come.

#11 The Simon Necronomicon


Finished it today. The main part of the Necronomicon is mad perhaps like the purported author, "Mad Arab" Abdul Alhazred - but the book is important. This work shows the human desire for deep or intense life experiences -- The secret is that big good things take a lot of time -- and it is mistakable to follow aminal instincts in our endeavors. Incantations sound like from a game about magic but I prefer English -- the English language is much more powerful -- Besides that, why would I want to wake up Cthulhu? I can call a friend if I want to chat about life and stuff. If I would need to select one essential thing to learn about here then it would be the matter regarding remembering -- It is quintessential to understand that we want to care about each other memory continuum. We need to help each other be mindful. The integrity and long-term survival of our species depend on that.

#12 The Art of War


Just closed this book. It is a timeless piece of art. The book clears the mind --- especially of a nowadays reader (presuming that one wants to think about the art of war). It gives a perspective of a good general who leads an army of warriors -- pleasing alternation for leaders or managers. However the mind efforts are essential, I don't suggest taking the analogy to serious though. People often fight with thoughts in their minds -- That kind of internal conflicts put in a losing position regarding our collective good. We have a great privilege to learn from the past and build a bright future - so let's be pleaceful.

#13 My Inventions & Other Works


This is the first autobiography I read and it probably will be the best one in my life. Nikola described his great ability to use imagination in a wonderful manner - His vision allowed him to easily overcome difficulties of life and enlighten the world. The significance of his work lets us say that he has ('has' if we take into account a belief or a fact -- depending on perspective -- of reincarnation and the immortality of the human soul) the most powerful mind in our modern history. We all should strive with devotion to develop abilities to think like the biggest innovators of this planet.

#14 The Tibetan Book of the Dead


The science of the afterlife or of spirituality is something our Civilisation desperately needs. I mean here the measurements of the soul with electronics, of course. Firstly though, We need to establish deep & common knowledge about the human mind - a kind of database of states of consciousness. Dalai Lama once said that (paraphrasing) 'We have manuals for everything but not for the mind'. Western 'players' often prefer wild acting -- it is understandable because we all like being epic -- but we will be much better off if we will become a cosmic race or something in these lines. Consequently, studying works like this is super important -- I did not see a clearer one so far. The idea of Tibetan Bardo lets fractally empower the thinking process and should be the subject of study in schools. The experience of luminosity is essential and I believe everyone should have a life long enough to be able to develop good familiarity with the devine light.

#15 The Tablets of Thoth


I was listening to this book today. If we could consider for a moment that all that is in this book is true then the potential to create a fabulous or fantastic civilization of the future appears much more reachable. Although this work sounds like a spiritual fantasy, the ancientness of the story is sweet and magnetic so I'm likely to correlate with it - The dating is super old and I'm curious if I will find some similarities elsewhere. The story presented in this work is great -- The interpretation of 7 sages here is amazing. Let's keep this good vision in mind while we are getting all the good things done.

#16 Doors of Perception


It was good to stretch my thoughts with this book today. Alternating consciousness with drugs or sacred substances helps develop a mind if all is done well. However good an experiment with mescaline could be, I'm happy with the power of imagination and empathy.. It seemed that the Peyote gave Aldoux a good trip there -- He experienced what is best about the essence of beingness. He stated at the end of the book that we should be drawing much more instead of talking. It made me think that his consciousness was overloaded with words... The book is a classic on psychedelics.

#17 Immpersonal Life


The fun of getting the knowledge by reading is great here. Joseph explored the power of *I am* as for the subject of the God -- He refers to Yahweh, channels his brilliance and exercise the art of self-realization. Shifting the vibes of thinking with the Yahweh's idea is good. I was trying to fractally scale up the state of consciousness where *He* is my *I* or *I am* his idea but with consideration that he also is an idea. I was imagining that his *I* is the idea of an entity even bigger so that my *I* is the part of totally everything.

#18 The Runaway Species


This book is full of cool facts that exemplify progress and reflect the splendor of our creations. The power of human creativity is great and this work illustrates this wonder in a manner that widens awareness of our brilliance. Although creativity definitely is the main component of the collective drive, there is a need for a better self-understanding. However the modalities of creative activities are, it is a pleasure to witness the realization of the full potential.

#19 The Murders In The Rue Morgue


The first modern detective story happened to be the first detective story I ever read. That is a nice start with detective stories - right? Curious how much of the infinity of mental excitement I can afford, I got into it like a knife into a warm cube of butter... I digested it nicely while watching Comic-Con. I'm happy I glanced 1.5 century back upon the pleasure of Edgar's thinking... Reflecting on the state of the affairs in the course of a few last months, I'm continually getting a thought about the importance of improving the human condition. I put that thought here -- The awesomeness of thinking should be directed somehow collectively towards the revolution in health-care in order to build up strong foundations for clarity of the mind.

#20 The Art Of The Deal


The pages of Donald Trump's books look like dollars. Even listening to his books makes me feel how money goes. If there would be one person I could interview about money, then this would be Mr. Donald. His deals were and are absolutely great - The scope of his activities wouldn't be easily imaginable for me if he didn't write and talk about it in the way he does it. Big Thanks for the great way of thinking big!

#21 Understanding Healing

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This book helped me remind myself how disconnected with the natural force of understanding I am. My recent explorations of ancient technologies and of the possibilities of the future got well balanced, reevaluated, and unified within my experience while I was reading and listening to this book. Understanding healing is one of the main things to develop on the way of education on this planet. I believe that the human spirit should stay up in order to overcome the relatively insignificant condition of the human body but not only in the name of individual wellness but for the future humanity that shines their immortal influence beyond the time. There is not enough time in an average human life to gather enough of luminescence and be conscious during the transformation of death. Providing this small understanding is my small input on the mission of healing.

#22 RAFT 2035


It is amazing to witness the transformation and evolution of humanity. We had a significant amount of wars in the past and yet we are becoming 'this super-advanced civilization. The book gives a very clear and super positive vision of the bright future and the roadmap to it. The roadmap helps orient within the field of technological advancements and suggests to navigate by active participation in developments.



Extremely important book for me. I bought it just after they published it and did an initial presentation. I contacted the authors in order to do an interview about the subject whn I recognized the opportunity to help spread information about the prospect and premise. Reading it was a super great experience. Ideas were baming my brain like drops of grace and I was melting in bliss of knowledge - lol - No .. it was just fun to help push the general progress in the space by reading it and doing an interview.

#24 Norse Mythology


I like the original mythologies more than fantasy writings. I cultivate a belief that the Gods were real, and that is why all the mythological stories are so powerful. These stories are very inspiring for me -- I use them to imagine and model the worlds of our future. I started and finished this book in preparation for one of my films I did ( or - at that point - will do ) with Dr. Jonathan Young.

#25 SAGA -- Best New Writings On Mythology


Myths started meaning much more for me when I met the author of this book -- Dr. Jonathan Young. Studying this work was very important for me because of - among oter things - Humanity's Myth I am lucky to re-discover and co-create. I came up with the idea of HM but I think I am not the first one -- I think this myth is millions of years old -- I imagine the experiment of humanity being on the way to have its key period of time -- A period when we become much more aware of our purpose in the universe -- There is no way to be significantly sceptical about that vision -- Isn't it? Learning about all the myths and stories is like putting together the puzzle of #TheStoryOfHumanity -- Doing that with the superb collection of stories from this book was an absolute pleasure.

#26 The Blazing World


This is my first sci-fi book and the first sci-fi work in general - at least according to the western mainstream. This is a pretty amazing work -- I can't believe that some of the terms or expressions like 'squaring the circle' were in use at the time of 1666. It definitely is a recollection from some dream journeys but I am eager to imagine realism of that kind of fancy takes -- It is because of my inclination to the evolved idea of the fairy realms where we allow fantasy to be seen as a possibility in the real world. I had an impression that the origin of our popular Spider-Man was here -- We have here Spired-Men as well as Bearn-Men, Bird-Men, or Worm-Men. I am sure that with some crazy genetical engineering it could be possible to be some kind of spider-man :)

#27 Losing The Nobel Prize


I loved this book. Reading it was like interacting with thoughts and minds of many different scientists - there was a big relativity' involved regarding these mental interactions, but I took it as a good practice.. Brian's story is super interesting and the scope of the context is truly universal. My fascination with physics gets bigger every time I think about that branch of knowledge. I hope to have more healthy hours to be able to learn more about all the things.

Here are 2 reviews I left Dr. Brian on Goodreads and Amazon:

"Absolutely amazing book! There is a lot of super interesting bits of information that could be mentioned here -- One, for example, is regarding the telescopes. Reading about BICEPs telescopes was almost like learning a new spell of strength :D :D And so, I can definitely say that I can feel a superpower of knowledge that gives me a timeless perspective on all the things now! ;D"

"Dr. Brian's story is a super important piece of #TheStoryOfHumanity -- We are becoming this super awesome cosmic species, and so, this means taking our privilege to name all the elements from the garden of the Universe -- Finding out about finding out what was at the very beginning of the tale of the Universe by reading this book gave me a lot of golden insides and precious memories."

#28 The Hammer of God


I remember when I found out about the first A. Clarke's law about technology and magic years ago. I got it deep into my mind while rading one of the R. A. Wilson's books. I have never read Arthur's books until now though. I decided to check at least one book from his impressive bibliography because of the significance of the cultural imfluence of his work. Despite the fact that we already live in the future - so to say - I was having a lot of interesting intellectual coincidences and pleasurable surprises when I was reading this story. This is my second sci-fi book but I can already say how important it is to finish some sci-fi on the way of personal development.

#29 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


Classic & an Absolutely amazing book! I filled some key gaps in my information field with that super-awesome book. Sci-fi books always positively surprise me with their brilliance regarding predictions/projections of the future.

#30 Ankh - The Key of Life


I finished listening this little book wanting to understand the great symbol of Ankh in order to find some super good geometrical alignments with other immortality symbols. I was preparing to design an animation for the Church of Perpetual life. And so, I was trying to get some new modern insides. The symbol appeared to me archaic but powerful - I knew it quite well but never explored it as much as I did this time. I was using my creative imagination to connect to the ancient spirit of the symbol and unified its energies within my understanding. I did not feel anything spectacular but had a very intense experience of life energy during my meditation. I have a fun take on it and I am happy to use the modern pop jargon — I like to see here a magic drop of life on top of a ’T’ shaped device. The drop is like a crystal mirror of wisdom and its fluidity suggests a potentiality for serving flipping experience. [...]

#31 The Lesser Key of Solomon - GOETIA


I went through this little book with a hope for some strong mind-blowing entertainment. I was not disappointed nor satisfied. The authors should have thought about adding some good stories to the book … well … Reading about the spirits and seeing their sigils was kind of not enough to me to get it all well... I did not call any spirit … just went over it looking at the interesting phenomenon of a belief in possibility to control some evil spirits. Taking the info for real, one could conclude how big of a show we have the privilege to experience on this planet. Think about this quote, for example, ‘[spirit] can transport men suddenly from one country to another' - this looks like teleportation tech straight away from some sci-fi! I need to get some kind of scientific measuring stick and take another look at this work sometime in the future.

#32 The Age Of Spitirual Machines


Another book that I regret I did not have a chance to read when I was 14 :) One of the best sources of the ideas and visions that connect the mind to the future of total collective self-realization. It was very interesting to check how the predictions regarding the tech work out. It looks like we are missing a mass adaptation of holographic technology and AR/VR lenses/glasses.

I am super fascinated by the psychological aspect of the change and the year from the future projection timeline that is the most fascinating for me is of course 2099.

I hold a belief that the human body has the potential to be much more powerful than those machines from the future if the inhabiting consciousness is super well developed -- This is an image of consciousness after eons of self-development.

#33 Bodhisattvacaryāvatāra


I read this book following Dalai Lama's recommendation. I often watch live streams from his teachings where he often talks about this book. And so, I took a look and liked it straight away. Santideva's story resonates with me a lot — I totally like his 'way of life'. I wish I could read it in original. The poetry of this work sounds amazing in English and must vibrate even better when recited in the language it has been written. This is one of my favorite books from now on! Having it in in a juxtaposition with the previous work gives me a great awareness of difference between higher and lowers states of mind - It must be amazing to have mind totally free from low emotions. This writing emanates very good energy that significantly helps in development.

#34 Transcend


Finished it curious regarding new ideas for living forever -- Quite a bit of info was new to me, and so, I complemented my knowledge -- I reviewed my list of best supplements with this book and made a new list of ones I did not try yet. It appears more & more experiencable that we reallly will be able to live as long as we will like. I still have problems comprehending that in a totally amazing manner but hey! That is still the beginning!

#35 DUNE


I remember having this book as a kid. I did not read it but I remember this characteristic DUNE feeling. I decided to read it in order to prepare for the newest DUNE movie. I would not say that the book is better -- The experiences are complementary. I was a little bit disappointed by the lack of some super interesting parts of the story in the film (for example, the descriptions of visions are good in the book but the visualisation/screening of them is poor in the movie). I was reading this book in Polish and listening in English. It was a nice pleasure to get these sentences through my head but I did not like it as much as I was expecting I would. Firstly and lastly, the AI thing... The whole idea of thinking machines ... I mean I finished just one book but ... I think they did not imagine (when he/they were working on inspiration) well what AI would really be in the future (now) ...