The Golden Meta-Game

I received access to the legendary API 24.01.2021 -- It is an absolutely amazing tool. Writing this story was my first great idea and I am glad you wanted to check it out. I added here a short version of the story as well. I used the davinci, davinci-instruct-beta, and crushman-alpha models to power-up my creativity. The story is a brief relation from big-scale events, and so, every paragraph could serve as a short script for a separate book.

§ Here is a super short version of the story. §

The year was 2377. Beings from around the universe were designing bio-avatars and playing the real-life role playing game on the terraformed Mars. There was the reincarnation machine - The White Chaos - This was the key technology.

Respawns were expensive and the atmosphere was amazing.

There were many different monsters and scientists-designers were able to create as much as they could. The policy of ensoulment allowed for spiritual improvements only though.

There was a lot of awesomeness happening. Fights and journeys in plenty. The planet was buzzing with fun.

At the end of the seventh decade of the meta-game Mars impeded and broke the White Chaos. All the beings suffered and a lot died.

Survived beings split — There were forces of darkness and light.

Earth sent Soulmate Gleben and his Order of The Shinning Center to support the Goodness. The situation on Mars led to a huge battle.

The battle was wild and bloody. When the fight turned into an hours-long struggle, the darkness overcame the minds of the warriors. Soulmate Gleben and his team cast a big Earth spell, communicated with Mars, and defeated the dark horde.

The year was 2377. Mars has been terraformed and destined to be a fantasy world of magic & awesome adventures. All kinds of sciences and arts were incorporated during the process of creation. Many wonders came to life but the most significant technology was regarding the central phenomenon of this new cosmic entertainment. 'The White Chaos' was a reincarnation machine that was allowing to get out of a body and incarnate to a previously prepared avatar. People from all local star systems were coming here to genetically engineer a new body, and jump into 'The Meta-Game'. Although beginners were limited in terms of the possibilities for having sophisticated qualities, attributes, and characteristics, everybody was able to adjust the level of pain that was going to be experienced during an incarnation. The pain was the biggest mystery — no-one knew how much pain was actually experienced by friends and foes.

The consciousness of an adventurer was always automatically going back to the original body when an embodiment died, but every respawn for the same character costed more additional gold. Therefore, becoming a hero was extremely expensive or hard. Nevertheless, there were millions of brawlers entering the world where - as they were saying - the density of bio-active charge within the air was amazingly high.

The world was full of many different monsters like - for example - a multitude of clans of cloned goblins, a number of artificially grown dragons, a couple of bred armies of orcs, groups of giants with worm-level of intelligence, and many more. Licensed scientists were able to submit their own monster model proposals -- ‘The Solar System Spiritual Convention' allowed only for spiritual improvements though. Consequently, all the lab created beings like minotaurs, umber hulks and other, have had souls that were from the animal world. Nobody was able to stick an experienced soul in a low complexity biological system unless the soul/consciousness wanted it.

And so, that how it was as for the settings in general. Countless epic adventures happened. Heroes were smashing and crushing monsters and each others with extreme fun. Great battles and big magic took many places many times. People were jumping into different bodies and bumping into each other on the spiritual plane like particles of ether in the air. There were big bugs and problems in the system as well as absolutely amazing updates on this awesome ride. Soul thieves were catching down and locking up good souls in the spiritual worlds of the between. Many new technologies, like forest portals or spiritual memory banks, were systematically added. Black market wizards were bringing in poor souls that as zombies on contract. Underground dark priests were unrighteously growing their embodiment by controlling many avatars and monsters at the same time. The biggest players, scientists, and designers set up 'The Pact of Literal Harmony' that was meant to protect the game from being corrupted by powerful players.Good and bad things were happening in a super intensity. Spiritual evolution incredibly accelerated -- Ones who were able to see, saw it as a sparkling flow of light made of individual consciousnesses. After some time, the whole planet started reflecting more light as if the atmosphere got charged up by all that was happening.

During the end of the seventh decade of the wild gigantic collective spiritual grind, something truly terrible happened. The White Chaos destructively interfered with the Mars' gravity field because of the overload of experience. There were tremendous earthquakes for a few days across the whole face, and at the climax point of the geo-energetic confusion, the planet - so to say - instinctively imploded sucking an enormous amount of energy into its center. A lot of beings lost their lives with no option to automatically consciously reincarnate because the White Chaos got broken. Some people escaped through portals and in spaceships to the Moons and other Planets. The majority of those who managed to survive on the surface lost their minds, got extremely drained, or completely forget who they were. That was game over.

The remnants of the heroes and demi-gods who forced their way through the disaster with healthy senses split into a few fractions, on two sides. There were groups overtaken by the darkness who wanted to keep the confusion going for the sake of their evil experiments, and on the other side, there were divisions and parties of goodness and light who wanted to bring the awareness back. A multitude of small skirmishes, clashes, and scrimmages was happening around the planet. Beings began to believe in two main opposing forces in an organised way, and everything started leading to a big battle that would decide the future fortune of Mars.

Earth sent great forces of the Order of the Shinning Center to help in the conflict. Soulmate Gleben took the lead and unified all the avatars of good for the coming combat under the Order's banner. All the evil groups were led by Krush Killplenty, and his dark lords, Troufigon the Cannibalface, Slazar Bloodyfillip, Gurket Greedyguts, Klient Evileyesthrottle, Culo Heavygrabs, Mec Granhoyo, and Enorma Pene. Every dark lord had an army made of a variety of different monsters, ex-heroes, and other rebellious mutants. The forces of light stood on the chosen ground of the steppes of vast epicness in a great number as well. It seemed to be everyone there -- The dragons of all colors, the undead of all levels of being undead, all kinds of humanoid monsters - starting with frog-men and fish-men, and ending on bear-men and bird-men. All the creatures and peoples were there, insects of all sizes, elementals, and magical creatures as well -- everybody.

After some time of measuring themselves with eyes, the great clash commenced -- Both sides rushed on each other with a raging passion screaming, yelling, and shouting battle cries. The armies collided with the power of millions of beings. Everybody was swinging a sword, ax, hammer, or other weapon trying to smash somebody else. The fight sweltered on the ground as well as in the air. Magic spells were blasting, firing, and beaming everywhere around hitting or healing the fighters. Furious uproar fulfilled the space of the battlefield. Faces were punched, bones were broken, limbs were cut, bodies were torn apart -- The battle was wild, ruthless, and very bloody. The experience gained through the meta-game kept warriors and mages for long hours in the struggle. Soulmate Gleben was at the back of the fight incanting very might restorative magic. He closed his eyes and foresaw darkness soaking into the minds of his peoples. The vision shook him - We will lose if darkness will take over - He thought and decided to undertake an immensely risky move. He gave a communicative sign to the rest of the spellcasting soulmates - He meant a beginning of a legendary Earth spell -- They got to call upon Mars' discontent and revoke the planet's impulsive instinctive preservation power. The problem was regarding the impregnation of the energy with the will of light. Soulmates proceed with great focus invoking awesome powers. The ground began to shake slightly -- They were talking to Mars and it was a difficult communion. There was a lot of high density magic power filling the area - it was a mix of the natural energy of the planet and the spell. It was not controllable but favored the force of light. The magic call got done successfully, red, crimson, purple, and pink orbs emanated from the ground. The field force exerted a range of intense negative effects on the dark horde. The precision was striking. Dark warriors began losing their consciousness or will to fight -- Some of them lost recognition and started fighting their own people. A lot of evil monsters surrendered. The good triumphed! The peace and calmness that came afterward were like the blessing from all the local planets and the Sun itself.. The quiet vision of the cosmic drift unified all the good guys in total bliss. The consciousness was slowly brought back after the fight and the rebuilding time began - but that is for another story.

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