A Few Bits About Self-Narration

Love for stories is encoded in human biology but it would not sound interesting enough if we would explain it in a singledisciplinary way. However, the physiology of the human brain is a perfect place to start.

We create a spatial reflection of the reality as we go forward and explore -- This reflection is a neurological process that involves grid cells in the hippocampus. A triangular grid of these specific types of neurons helps us understand positioning in space. The neuronal grid is changing over time and we use it to retrieve memories -- so the structure imprints not only space but also time -- the accuracy is relative.

Another type of interesting cells I want to mention here are mirror neurons. These cells are the neural basis of the human capacity for emotions such as empathy. Empathizing with seen behavior lets us learn and build our own modalities of life. The wonderful ability to self-refer through similarities and commonalities socialize and cohere us with the flow of the universal story. The warm notion and feeling of familiarity we all have is the base for the variety of sovereign self-identifications people cultivate in the process of the global conversation.

We collect memories as well as ideas in order to orient and self-define. This is how, so to say, we paint our pictures of reality. A good self-image or/and a great big picture of reality is (as the Alfred Korzybski's saying goes) a map, not a territory tho. Consequently, a creative adaptation is essential on the way of self-development. Generally speaking however, the bigger picture of the world you have in mind the better. Thinking big allows being the main character of the story of life ... and We all like playing the main roles -- isn't it?

Paraphrasing Noam Chomsky, *The meaning of life is something we create*, but an ability for perfect self-narration seems to be a luxury of great personalities. Soft notes of spontaneous awesomeness appear right for the soundtrack of a marvel when there is time for being a human. A lot of history passed in front of our eyes (collectively), and it looks like it gets to a point beyond spacetime. Consequently, attempts for epicness happens more often. We are getting quite good at being ourselves despite the struggle and I definitely wish to see us all great. Our good nature has limitless resources of itself. Rightly so - let's recurrently mind that fact. The richness of possibilities comes with a realization of the will for knowledge - and I can tell you that with the power of this drive you can realize qualities of never-ending streams of ideas. Multidisciplinary nomenclature gorgeously frames the variety of elements needed for completing the wonder of an amazing life, and so wasting time for self-limitations is just stupid.

There are two #SuperCool evolved forms of the saying "Fake it until you make it". First is from Judea Pearl - he recently said during the @Lex Fridman's AI podcast that "You can't fake it if you don't have it". The second is from Peter Saddington. Peter urges to "FACE it until you make it". We can conclude here that we get information/knowledge no matter what, so there is no need to feel confused if there is a lack of knowledge. In other words, we need to feel the drive for education & communication all the time -- especially when we face dramatically stupid situations... Something is or there is a lack of something. Focusing on creativity accelerates the constructive processes, and a negation in a face of progress is only an unnecessary resistance.

The character and significance of our actions determine the quality of an event chain of our existence -- which is the memory. The significance of memory was/is traditionally passed along with stories or stories-like forms. Big ideas from wise books, inspiring feats from ancient myths, fantastic projections from sci-fi themes, etc. -- all these power up the culture in the huge stream of the human thought. Additional layers of meaning are always welcome but it is you who need to do the most important job. When you think about a big idea like this one, you more or less consciously reflect upon the whole world - or rather - upon the whole experience of your life. The experience of movement through spacetime in the direction of total self-realization is ecstatic but one must get blessed with an embeddability of a fractal self-awareness and equip with a range of dense big ideas and concepts about the world and the journey in order to have a super fun time while adventuring.

Self-localization/reference within the fractal field of human relations with the power of a rich consciousness is the recipe for an amazing personal storyline. There is no other way to achieve that than intensively educating yourself and interacting with people with a warm heart, intelligence, and the fun feeling that you play the main role in the story of life :D :D ;)