The Star Gate Sword

“The Sun will shine great light of life when we will open the gate of seven stars” - Said Eyas. The Sun started rising a few minutes ago and now the wonderful landscape was lit by the subtle morning light. A’em grinned and laid a hand on Eyas’ shoulder. “I believe in you, Eyas .” Eyas looked down at the bottom of the mountain of the Great Cycles. The mad horde of terrific monsters was running up the road. A’em shivered. “The gate shall be opened!”, “Are you ready?”, “Yes.” Eyas went to the Stone of the Big Time and pulled out the Star Gate Sword - A remarkable artifact and the key to the gate. He could hear the horrific sounds of the mad horde in the distance. Eyas looked back at A’em, his brother, and hero. A’em nodded at Eyas and raised the Gate Crystal in order to open the portal of the magnificent Gate of Seven Stars. The blue light of the opening portal lightened surroundings with bio-active glowing ambience. Eyas took a deep breath, jumped in the air, and hit the Stone of the Big Time with the magic sword in order to remove the seal of the present era. They heard a thundering sound. A strange shape emerged from the gate. It was the gatekeeper. “Quickly! We need this brute!” Shouted A’em “Cast the spell of the confirmation of the opening!”. “The gate shall be opened in the name of the age of humanity!” Eyas voiced powerfully. The levitating conglomerate of fluctuating waves rumbled in acceptance and turned towards the road. The monolith of the gate started oscillating rhythmically. Waves of gravity of ten meters height began emanating from the big stones of the gate. “Now comes the difficult part” said Eyas and started stepping into the portal strongly holding the Star Gate Sword. A’em commanded the gatekeeper to move off the portal and take a position close to him. The mad horde was around a minute of run from - now .. gleaming - energy gateway. “The shift will take a few minutes!” shouted Eyas from within the shimmering portal. “We are doing this! and We will get it done!” Loudly responded A’em “Focus and make our little star sing the song the great times - I will take care of the horde” He added and cast a couple of summoning spells with an ease of a great master of magic arts. Three giant stone elementals appeared from the significance of the wavy thoughts of the first spell. The second spell summoned ten big bloodthirsty wolves. The group was staying on the road blocking the entrance to the plane on the top of the mountain. A’em swiftly conjured the will of his small forces to position defensively. Eyas started the magic procedure of activation while the gate’s protectors were quickly rearranging - He raised the sword and imprinted the sigil of his gesture in the magic field. The intelligence of the gateway responded immediately emitting a single circular ripple-like wave. A sonic blast intensified the gate’s spellwork. The horde was around twenty meters from the party when the stone elementals began throwing huge rocks at the monsters. The hellish beasts were disgusting and deformed but fast and insanely furious. The first few creatures got crushed by the stones. The gatekeeper charged into the middle of the frenzly attacking demons like a cyclone of raw force. Eyas started the main incantation when the first grades of power were seen in the encounter of the horde and the defending group. “The Gate of the Seven Stars is Open! Let the Sound of Change Prepare the Place ... “ his words were vibrating with epic awesomeness and the local atmosphere got fulfilled with a slowly and strongly fluctuating standing wave of sound-like energy of his magically enhanced chant. Severe winds started to blow across the mountain. The first lines of the horde flew into the air like dried leaves shattered by the slaughtering spinning waves of horrific gatekeeper. “ ... Let the Power of Grace come to the Earth!”. Cosmic turbulence turned the local space inside out and the time slowed down rotating dense charge of mixed energies in a spectacular manner. The scene looked surreal. Around two hundred demonic monstrosities were rushing to interrupt the ritual. The horde was pulsating in rage - the devils that went around the chaotic crimson splash of blood and bones in the middle of the road were instantly attacked by the waiting wolves. A’em was casting a storm of magic missiles that were effectively sweeping the danger of breaking the defenders' line out of the scope of possibilities. The horde pressed insistently trying to defeat the guardians but A'em's division was too mighty. “Let the Light of Life lift the dimension of human experience out of the centuries-long fight between forces of good and evil!” The ground trembled and a gigantic beam of plasma shot up into the sky. The wisdomfull astral light of the multiverse of past, present, and future was exposed to the heroes' destiny. The divine light scared the attackers, the throbbing anger turned to paralyzing disorientation, and the horde lost its strength. The monsters started running away in all directions. The brothers were in a state of total bliss despite the bloody mess. The whole atmosphere suddenly calmed down. Eyas and A’em looked at each other - they were ready to finish the last steps. The center of a planetary lock of time and space was about to allow the new era to begin. Surrounded by the wonderful energy of the portal, Eyas plunged the sword into the ground. A flash of white light dispelled the portal, the gate stopped oscillating, and the beam of plasma dissolved into the atmosphere changing the color of the sky to pink blue. The heroes felt a healing glow of the sweet pinkish light - The Sun was shining better rays now.