Writing is as much important as reading. It helps understand a self much better allowing to reflect upon own and other's psyche. I will be collecting here all kinds of writings I did and will do.

#1 The Star Gate Sword


Here is a short story I have written with the help of GPT-3 - OpenAI's super good natural language generator. It is a fantasy tale about two heroes - Eyas & A'em - who open the Gate of 7 Stars in order to finalize a planetary shift. The key to the transformation is the Star Gate Sword - an ancient artifact.

#2 A Few Bits About Self-Narration

(a)08.08.2020 (w)15.12.2019

This is a text I wrote almost a year ago on linkedIn.com. It is my take on self-narration and effctive storytelling.

#3 How to make everyone a millionaire -- An epic Tale

(a)13.08.2020 (w)31.07.2020

Here is an experimental story written solely by OpenAI's GPT-3 - I accessed the AI with the SortlyRead app. I was experimenting with this AI to show one of the most important things we should understand these days. It is in the title -- Basically, We can make an AI so powerful that it will help us in our collective decisionmaking process and allow all people to become really wealthy...

#4 The Golden Meta-Game


This is a Sci-fi story with elements of comedy and horror. I wrote this short text powered up by the super amazing OpenAI's GPT-3 API. I was generating suggestions with the AI but none of them were actually reflecting what I wanted to write. And so,the suggested ideas were good but not exactly like my imaginations. Using GPT was like using the brainpower of my future self.

#5 As If Everything


Here is yet another story I wrote powered myself up with the super amazing GPT-3 AI. This is a sci-fi story about an experience of implementing a brain chip. I took only one suggestion from the models -- The title -- All the rest of the AI suggestions were serving me as rich possibilities to consider and to use as a supporting content. I recorded the process this time and made a video witch you can see on the page.